Our Vision

Coral Ark envisions a future where the beauty and biodiversity of our world's coral reefs are not just conserved but thrive. We aim to become a global leader in coral conservation, leveraging advanced research, public education, and international collaboration to halt the decline of these critical ecosystems. By engaging aquarists, hobbyists, and global citizens, we aim to foster a world-wide community dedicated to understanding and preserving the intricate lifeforms that inhabit our oceans and coral reefs.

Coral Ark is dedicated to creating the world's largest and most comprehensive database of coral information. This database will be a treasure trove of knowledge, detailing the molecular structure of each species, their locations in the wild and in captivity, population data, growth conditions, and optimal farming practices.

Our vision extends beyond digital resources. In Sarina, QLD, we plan to establish our primary coral seed bank and coral restoration technology site. This site will not only be a hub for our conservation efforts but also a public aquarium that showcases an array of stunning reef tank displays and interactive exhibits. Designed as a space to inspire and educate, it will serve as a training centre where students can immerse themselves in the study of corals, with on-site accommodation available for students and volunteers. Coral Ark will offer the most advanced aquaculture and aquarium training in Australia and globally.

We also envision developing several smaller facilities around the world. These aquariums will not just attract tourists but will also function as research, learning and technology transfer centres, fostering a global community dedicated to the conservation of our marine ecosystems through reef restoration, conservation and sustainable development programs with local reef custodians.

We are committed to leveraging sustainable development as a means to fund crucial research and conservation activities, while simultaneously addressing social and economic disparities in coral reef areas across the tropics. We recognize that many of these regions are home to some of the world's poorest and most disenfranchised communities. In alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to empower these communities by creating sustainable livelihood opportunities that are rooted in the protection and restoration of coral reefs. By promoting responsible tourism, sustainable fishing practices, and innovative economic initiatives, we strive to uplift local economies, maintain cultural heritage, and enhance the resilience of both ecosystems and communities. Through this holistic approach, we believe that sustainable development can play a vital role in ensuring the long-term well-being of both people and planet.

Coral Ark's vision is a future where the beauty, diversity, and ecological significance of our world's coral reefs are recognized, appreciated, and actively protected. By integrating research, education, and global collaboration with sustainable development principles, we aim to halt the decline of these essential ecosystems and ensure their vibrancy for generations to come.


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