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Enlisting aquarists to help government and science conserve corals.


What is Coral Ark?

Worldwide corals are increasingly threatened by coastal development and climate change. The Coral Ark will create an endangered species network for corals.

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What will Coral Ark do?

The Coral Ark community of aquarists will work out which species are in captivity, where they are, and how best to grow and propagate them.

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What does Coral Ark mean?

The creation of a worldwide citizen science showcase and marine conservation collaboration between industry, science and the aquarium public. Our goal is to make every marine aquarium a seed bank dedicated to the preservation and culture of every coral species on Earth.

Our Manifesto

Throughout the tropical world reefs and the corals that build them are in decline due to the combined effects of coastal development, pollution and climate change. And all over the world passionate marine aquarists would like to help.

For decades threatened and endangered animals have found sanctuary in networks of zoos where they are cared for, bred and ultimately reconnected with Nature. Our dream is to replicate what zoos have done with land animals, but with corals. The Coral Ark website will enlist, connect and crowd source the husbandry skills of marine aquarists worldwide to:

  • determine what corals are in captivity
  • determine what species are not conserved in aquaria
  • determine where they are kept
  • determine how best to grow and propagate them and
  • preserve coral for future generations.

We want to build a community of aquarists where ‘every tank is a seed bank’ - a living library of the world’s corals.

As coral custodians we will explore, discover and synthesise information for each species into a profile for world’s best practice captive care and husbandry. The crowd sourced database will provide collaborating coral scientists with a real-time appreciation of what is and isn’t protected, a unique summary of needs for each species and, the opportunity to conduct conservation relevant research on a massive scale.

The Coral Ark will galvanize the aquarist community creating the definitive systematic, scientific library of captive coral species in the process. Leading by inspirational example the Coral Ark will attract collaborations with science and conservation groups concerned with the marine environment. Coral Ark will be a citizen science showcase and a world class marine conservation collaboration between industry, science and the aquarium public.

The Coral Ark community will fill the practical knowledge gaps left by institutional players during this time of unprecedented change and stress for coral reefs.

The potential for Coral Ark to make a difference is real and ongoing.

Our Vision

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Nic Dos Santos, CEO the Coral Ark

Nic Dos Santos,
CEO the Coral Ark

Nic Dos Santos is the CEO of a thriving coral business who is absolutely passionate about the long term health of the Great Barrier Reef.

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